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Tired of having to pack up your laptop and head to Sydney or Canberra every time you need to meet with your web development company? Web Development Wollongong is booming! There are over 100 different web developers in the region. Wollongong is a place with both historic and contemporary charm, but it’s also a hub for fantastic web development.

Web development Wollongong has seen a huge increase in demand due to the recent population increase and an influx of new businesses coming to the area specialising in local services.

This is why I’m the new web development kid on the block now offering my services to Wollongong and the surrounding suburbs.

The difference between web design and web development

Web design and web development are two different types of disciplines that work together to create a website. Web design is the art and science of creating the digital experience, layouts and page designs for websites, while web development is the coding behind the scenes that interact with databases to display content. Some people might consider themselves to be both designers and developers, but most people have specific skills in one or the other.

Web development allows you to do so much more than many simple business web design templates. You can create custom software applications or web apps that complement your prospect facing website.

Types of web development services

The lines that separate web design, web development and software development are blurred. In this day and age of web applications and multiple different coding technologies, there is an abundance of options when it comes to solving your business problem through the use of technology.

The question you need to ask yourself and your web developer is ‘What web development technology is the right fit to best solve the problem I have and will it sustainably grow with my business?

Web development services basically include all aspects of delivering a software solution in the form of an application or website from the backend to the frontend and the user interface.

Web Development Wollongong FAQ

What are some types of web development projects?

A web development project describes the process and activities that contribute to the successful completion of larger scale websites or applications being created. Normally this involves different stages that include research, design, development, testing and monitoring.

How can web development help my business?

All businesses have problems that can be solved through web development and software design. These problems could relate to digital marketing, conversion optimisation, process optimisation and automation.

Can I complete my own web development course?

Sure, I’d recommend anyone who is leveraging the internet to improve their business and engaging a web design company complete a web development course. This will benefit the overall solution and give you some skills you can use to manage and understand the process. I doubt you’d be able to create the web development solution yourself after completing a basic course as this skill takes years to learn. But, I welcome you to prove me wrong.


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