Web design

I’ve designed hundreds of websites including sales landing pages, marketing websites, e-commerce stores and complex website applications.

I use a highly structured web design process that’s been honed through years of experience.

My experience in Web Design, UX Design, Product Management and Startup Consulting means I can decipher complex business problems and turn them into high performing scalable solutions that WILL give you a return on investment.

Web design to get results

Whatever the business problem or goal is, there is a web design solution.

My web design process means I design for outcomes and results. I’ll work with you to determine the key business metrics that need attention and design a beautiful, functional solution. Whatever the goal.

Your website and its individual pages need to have a primary function and web design goals to back them up. These goals could be:

  • Getting more customers
  • Ranking higher on Google
  • Selling more products
  • Increasing bookings or orders
  • Improving your brand perception
  • Gaining business partners
  • Communicating a message
  • Distributing content
  • Getting people to perform a task

Each of the above goals should have a metric attached to it. We’ll work together to determine what these ‘as-is’ metrics are and design a solution to improve upon them. We’ll set key milestones to checking on the project and measure the ongoing improvement in your new web design.

My Experience as a Web Designer

I built my first website in 1998. This was also the year I finished school.

I loved everything about web design. I would design my site, build it then do it all over again just because I learnt a new trick or got a new idea.

After studying graphic design I went out and got my first full-time job. This quickly turned into me taking over pretty much all the digital and web based work for the company.

Since then, I have designed and built hundreds of websites.

I’ve founded and owned a web design agency on the Central Coast that serviced Australian small to medium business.

I even designed a software application to design and build template driven websites.

I’ve working in Copenhagen, Singapore, Los Angeles and Sydney.

I’ve designed complex systems for governments and small pro-bono websites for community groups.

Whatever you business or website goal, chances are I’ve done something similar before.