Product management

Product management is a broad subject. If you’re a startup founder or representing a product chances are you’re either already a product manger or have been doing product management already (whether you realise it or not.)

Product management is about understanding your customer’s problems more than they understand the problem themselves. Your potential customer may not even realise they have a problem that needs solving yet!

The role of a product manager effectively prioritises the highest value business opportunities and get them to market. The opportunity could be solving a customer problem that provides value people are willing to pay for or could be building an automation tool to speed up an internal workflow and therefore saving money.

It’s the product managers job to create a ‘product roadmap’. The product roadmap is a prioritized list of projects or features that solve problems ordered from most valuable or important to least important.

Make every detail perfect and limit the number details to perfect.

Jack Dorsey, Square

Many variables go into prioritizing a roadmap. It is constantly evolving and needs to be ‘agile’ so your startup or organisiation can adapt if the market changes.

As a product manager its VERY important not to get attached to a solution. You must embrace the unknown but be confident in your process.

Imagine believing your solution is perfect and spending all you money building it only to discover you solved the wrong problem or solved the right problem the wrong way.

I work with you to constantly learn, measure and iterate toward the right solution. Using methodologies like lean startup, lean UX and agile product development.

Depending on what stage you product is at I’ll use the appropriate method to gather learnings, experiment with solutions, prototype ideas to define your roadmap and turn it into reality.

You’re better off with a kick-ass half than a half-assed whole.

David Heinemeier Hansson, Rework