Startup consulting

Entrepreneurs have the power to change the world. Whether you’re looking to take your idea to the next stage or you’re an enterprise looking to innovate more like a startup. I have a depth of experience consulting many founders and organisations on solving a variety of problems.

Ideas are cheap; execution is everything.

Chris Sacca, Investor in Twitter & Uber.

You have the idea. The passion. The drive. So what next…? I bring the know how to help you execute your idea the right way.

I use the most appropriate method based on the problem you need to solve, your market and your roadmap.

Using methods like lean startup, lean product development and agile methodologies I work closely with you and your team to iterate quickly, provide value asap and progressively turn your idea into a performing reality.

There is no single formula to startup consulting. The approach needs to vary based on many factors. After working with multiple teams and startups on a broad range of problems i’ve developed a startup consulting toolbox I can use for any problem.

The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.

Walt Disney, Co-Founder, Disney