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Digital strategy, product management and UX design

Launch and optimise your digital product effectively and at speed. I'm a freelance ux designer and product management consultant that specialises in helping early stage startups define their offering and find product market fit.

Freelance UX Designer

I help startups launch new products and services to the right people, the right way.

My focus is startup consulting and helping early stage businesses discover their product market fit. I work closely with you to validate your idea making sure you minimise your spend and risk of building the wrong thing. You don't want to build something no one will use or buy. I make sure this doesn't happen.

Contact me if you have an interesting idea you'd like to collaborate on.

After 20 years designing and building products. I've mastered my craft. I now focus on the startup consulting services below.

My focus is startup innovation and consulting. A ‘startup mindset’ is advantageous to all organisations. Innovate, Develop and Release like a fast moving agile startup. Benefit from my 18 years experience designing and building successful products. If you’re a founder with an idea or a product owner at a large enterprise, I’ll work with you to bring a startup product and design thinking mindset that will accelerate your project to the next level.

Startup design

Validate your idea, launch your product and grow your business to scale.

I use industry-proven methodologies that fit your startup and the problems you need to solve. I leave out the buzz words you don't need. I keep it lean. Meaning I only work on the things that get you results.

I'm collaborative, cross-functional and will act as an extention to your team. I Focus on outcomes over outputs, people over processes and problems over solutions. Think of me as a design & product co-founder, who will help you identify you market, test your product ideas and launch not only a viable business, a successful business.

Startup UX Consultant

I deliver value whatever stage your startup is at.


Customer development,
Design Discovery,
Divergent ideation,
Market Validation.


Prototype creation,
MVP Development,
Convergent ideation,
Design language formation.


Usability Testing,
Style guide development,
Learning iteration,
Customer aquisition.

Things I Write.


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