Best Web Design Wollongong to improve your business

I’m opening up my web design Wollongong services as I love working in the Gong! I provide professional web design services along with SEO, digital marketing and strategy.

Why you need web design

There are many factors why you need a web design in Wollongong. One is the increase of people using the internet to view content and communicate with others in Wollongong. A second factor is the availability of services and technologies such as SEO and social media marketing which allow businesses and organizations to expand their reach and connect with customers in new ways.

Custom Web Development

A new website design can be the perfect way to bring your Wollongong business into the digital age. Not only can it make your business more accessible, but it can also make you look more professional and streamline your customer experience. A custom website design will help you communicate your story in an exciting way, and it can even help you reach out to a wider audience. If you’re looking for a new website design, then check out my services.

Web Design Process

The most important part of a web design process is understanding your customers and answering their questions through a search experience. During my web design process, I work closely with you to gain an understanding of your business short term goals, long term vision and the most pressing problems you need to solve. I then undertake some research and form a strategy to best meet your digital objectives through a new website. The web design will include all the best practice features as well as any custom requirements you have.

Search Engine Optimisation

As part of the web design process, I will optimise your website so that it can be easily found and used by internet users. This will include on-page SEO and off-page SEO techniques such as social media marketing, link building and blog posts.

Web design services include

  • Customer acquisition and business growth
  • Web presence and business profile strategies
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)
  • Manual process optimisation
  • Branding and story telling
  • Customer onboarding and success

Web design in Wollongong with global standards

If you checked out my LinkedIn profile you’ll see I’ve led and participated in digital projects across the world. I’ve built an award-winning website and software system for the Singapore Government, I’ve played a major role in seeing a startup go from 2 employees to 1000 and bringing in 100 million in annual revenue! I’ve also consulted over 100 startups and small businesses on their digital strategy, product marketing, branding and growth. You won’t find another web designer in Wollongong with this experience in the web design industry.


Web Design Wollongong FAQ’s

What is the cost of Web Design in Wollongong?

The cost of web design in a local area can vary greatly based on the complexity of the work and how long the engagement is for. It is a case of how long the piece of string is. I offer a bespoke web design strategy tailored to your business objectives which unfortunately could never have a fixed cost. A basic month-long engagement starts at $5,000 and I recommend a 3-month minimum engagement to see results and get you an ROI. I’m not interested in regurgitating cooky cutter templates for a low cost as they rarely bring the impactful results I strive for.

What are the hours of operation?

I work around the clock! No seriously, I’m available for you, when you need me. I work with a team of contractors worldwide, but nothing goes out unless I’ve reviewed and contributed to the solution. I don’t have an office but I can do a video call most times or travel to your location. My only request is I have access to good coffee 🙂

How long will a web design take to complete?

This question relates to the above question on how much a web design costs. I actually prefer to see my projects through until we’ve measured a positive outcome. The outcomes could be more traffic, more leads, more signups, positive customer reviews etc. To see these types of results I like to stick around. My process involves creating a fast solution and releasing that as quickly as possible so we can learn and inform the next step of the project. This means I deliver a basic solution first (MVP) then work with you and your team to iterate to the perfect end state which will get you the results you’re focused on.

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