8 reasons why an SEO consultant is needed

1. An SEO Consultant is an expert

You’re good at what you do – that’s why you have a business or startup that with paying customers.

You’re not however an expert SEO consultant who is focused purely on getting your website ranking for the search terms that bring in business.

An SEO consultant is someone that is focused on reaching your business goals by optimising your website to achieve higher search engine rankings across Google, Bing and other search engines.

SEO requires deep thinking and a lot of analysis to determine the most appropriate SEO strategy for your business. There is a huge amount of knowledge required that can only be learned from years of practice and ongoing experimentation to understand what search engines like Google are looking for.

There is a lot of ‘How SEO works’ and ‘SEO tips and tricks’ resources if you’d like to work on SEO as well as all the other tasks your need to undertake for your business. You might even want to register for a few SEO courses if you can take the time out of your day job. – No, didn’t think so.

Hiring a local search SEO consultant to give you the security that best practice SEO methods are being followed and your website has a sustainable competitive advantage is the best choice.

You need an SEO consultant to work with you on your business growth and secure your top 3 positions so you get the exposure and leads your business deserves.

2. Organic Google search is the best way to get website visitors

When somebody searches for your product, service or startup on Google they’re looking for your solution to their problem. This organic search traffic are highly qualified prospects as they’re already looking for you! Once they land on your site you just need to communicate the benefits to them personally and compel them to take a conversion action.

Having a robust SEO strategy in place and a high authority website with engaging content is an asset to your long term business and will be a major factor in it’s sustainable growth. Once you’ve earned the search engine’s trust, you keep it. (Unless you do something traicly wrong like redirct all your pages to a new site with a different domain.)

You put in the effort by hiring a good local SEO consultant and that investment grows exponentially. Unlike a paid search advertising campaign which eats up all your budget and then disappears whether you got an ROI or not.

3. Build your brand trust and credibility

You know those Google ads at the top of the page that everyone skips over to find the ‘actual’ search result. Well, they skip over them because they don’t trust them. Most are aware of those top positions being paid ads and understand that pretty much anyone can throw a digital advertising budget at it and get exposure.

That’s why the organic search results earnt through quality SEO add to your credibility and build brand trust.

Imagine every time your prospects search for keywords in your industry, they find you. This is an automatic boost to your brand exposure.

4. Good SEO is an improved customer expereince.

Although SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, I like to call it ‘Search Expereince Optimisation’. The buying user experience starts with a search.

Having a well optimised website that can answer that users problem is a simple and effective experience that will lead into then taking the next step. Whatever that is.

Having a well thought out information architecture and web design that gives the user what they’re trying to find and provides a present experience is the first step to selling your product or service.

5. Local search will bring you local customers

46% of all Google searches are looking for local information. This is where people take the first step to finding the product or service they need. We used to use the Yellow Pages business directory kept next to the phone (Remember those days) but now, we just type in the thing we think we’re looking for into our phones and choose from the list given to us.

An SEO consultant can optimise your website so you rank in your local area higher than your competitors. It won’t happen overnight but with a good SEO strategy you’ll climb the ranks and secure the majority of local search results.

6. SEO Best Practices are always changing

Google is changing its technology and search algorithms regularly. A change is a way Google prioritises the content on your website or the technology behind it and the way it’s built can have a negative effect on your lead volume and business.

SEO best practices are constantly changing and fluctuating, and it’s important to be mindful of the changes that happen in your industry and adapt to them.

An SEO consultant will keep on top of the latest changes and make sure your website is following best practice SEO guidelines.

7. An SEO strategy will excelerate your business strategy

You business strategy is about dollars, expansion, growth or customer experience. SEO can improve each one of these aspects. Working with an SEO consultant on you business strategy from an SEO perspective will be an asset and get the results you need.

8. SEO is measurable and you’ll see results

SEO can be tracked right down to the granular changes made on a site. A good SEO consultant will put the tracking in place to record growth over time and attribute work completed to direct performance metrics.

Track the numbers of impressions, clicks, CTR, average position, click-through rate, and ranking of your website in search engine results pages. If you’re seeing improvements in these numbers on a monthly basis, then you’re on the right track.


In conclusion, the need for an SEO consultant is undeniable. Whether you are trying to increase your lead generation or increase revenue, SEO can be a valuable if not the primary tool in your marketing arsenal.

If you want to start seeing measurable results from your SEO efforts, contact me!