5 reasons strategy consulting for startups is different

Strategy means different things to different people and strategy consulting for startups is one of those grey areas when it comes to actually defining what it is. There are many types of strategies based on what problem you need to solve as a business. A strategy is a solution and a plan all rolled into one.

As a startup, you need to factor in different aspects as part of your strategy than what a scaleup or established company would need to. Startups have many moving parts that established companies have most likely already figured out.

Here are the 5 reasons strategy consulting for startups is different:

  • You have a small team and rely on a few team members who do many roles
  • You don’t have a fully functional customer acquisition and sales flow
  • Your development team moves slowly and might be outsourced
  • You haven’t fully found product-market fit
  • You’re not earning enough or lack funding to invest back into the company