Expert SEO Southern Highlands

I’m an expert SEO consultant based in the Southern Highlands who will get your site ranking in the major search engines for your highest-performing keywords and converts those visitors into customers. SEO Southern Highlands is not just about having a site ranking in Google, it’s about turning those Google searches into leads and paying customers. 

The way I do Southern Highlands SEO is different

SEO varies based on the type of business, the geographic location, the services you offer, and your target customers. Southern Highlands SEO involves an understanding of the local areas, the customer you are targeting, the product or service price, and what people are willing to pay. 

SEO is about making your website appear for the search results that bring in business but not only finding any customers, it’s about finding your ideal customers. 

The first step to understanding what search phrases and keywords resonate with your ideal customers is a deep understanding of the problem your customers are trying to solve and what their expectations are when researching and deciding to purchase or get a quote etc. 

The Southern Highlands has demographics like any area, and as a business owner, you understand your customers and target audience. Let think about these examples. You business might be selling expensive high-end products like custom made furniture, premium wedding venues, equestrian agistment services, or industrial farming equipment and real estate. This premium product means you need SEO Southern Highlands to get in front of the audience that are looking for these services by understanding their search criteria, mindset and intent to buy. 

The same principle applies for any business, even if you rely on a higher volume of reoccurring sales like a cafe, trade service, mechanic etc. 

I have a deep understanding of the Highlands, it’s towns and it’s people which is why Southern Highlands SEO is different. 

What you get from SEO Southern Highlands

SEO takes time. There is no quick fix and if that is what you’re after, I’m afraid you’ll have to find another Southern Highlands SEO consultant to help you. 

I offer long term, sustainable results through constant analysis and improvement. My minimum contract is three months but I prefer six. During this time I’ll provide a detailed analysis of your competitors and potential target search phrases. I’ll give you an in depth report on your current website and the changes needed to make sure it is a ‘SEO friendly’ as possible. I then work with you to make the technical modifications to the site structure, navigation, links and content. 

SEO needs to be part of your ongoing growth strategy. It is not a one-and-done project. To get the most ROI from your SEO engagement and stay ahead of your competitors you need to be refining and adding to your subject matter expertise so you maintain and build your authority and trust as a leader in your industry. 

If you’re not after customers, having a website that ranks for your business products or services also strengthens your brand and secures your position as a leader in your industry, and protects you in case of an economic downturn or a change in your customer behavior. 

Trust me to deliver on SEO Southern Highlands

SEO Southern Highlands is a big investment (especially for a small local business). It’s hard to trust someone with access to your site and reputation. The commitment involve to a 3 month minimum engagement comes with risk. Here’s a few reasons why you can trust me

  • I’ve been optimising websites to rank for 20 years
  • I have advanced conversion rate optimisation skills
  • I’m a startup business advisor
  • I’m a UX and Product designer
  • I’ve run my own business multiple times
  • I’ve got a LinkedIn profile to back me up
  • Im local to the Southern Highlands
  • My own reputation is on the line

SEO Southern Highlands FAQs

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is when you use keywords to optimise your web pages for search engines like Google. This process can help bring you more traffic, leading to more customers and potential buyers.

What are high-performing keywords?

High-performing keywords are not the keywords that rank but the keywords that convert. It’s easy targeting a keyword that doesn’t have much search volume or competitive results. This page ranks for SEO Southern Highlands, so definitely not as hard as ranking for SEO Australia! A dollar amount should be attached to each keyword to ensure you get an ROI on your SEO investment.

How much does SEO cost?

My SEO packages start at 5k a month with a minimum 3-month engagement. Everything above this requires a custom quote. If you need content written, I work with writers who have additional costs. My work is bespoke based on you, your website, and the goals you want to achieve as a business. I don’t offer the usual cookie-cutter SEO templates that many SEO consultants use, limiting the number of pages, keywords, backlinks, etc. I focus on the most impactful activities that will get you a result. Quickly

Do you guarantee the first-page rank?

It all depends on how competitive your keyword and industry is. For example, if you’d like to rank on Google for a keyword like ‘web design’ or ‘dog food for sale’. I could not guarantee you’d rank on page 1 or even page 10! I’d explain that you’re better off focusing on your niche market and finding some keywords you will rank for. So, Yes, I can guarantee you’ll rank on the first page for at least one search term. 

Other Southern Highlands Digital Services

SEO is an essential pillar in your digital marketing, but it overlaps with other core factors relating to your overall online presence and how you perform. Here are some specific Southern Highland digital marketing services I can help you with.