SEO Expert Central Coast

SEO Expert to Deliver more Visibility, Website Traffic, and Quality Leads.

As a business owner, startup founder or marketer, SEO is an acronym you’re well used to hearing and probably even know how to undertake basic search engine optimisation yourself.

Many business owners complete SEO training or do an SEO course to tackle the normally unknown mystery of what those ‘Google algorithms are doing.

The SEO basics only get you so far in a now complex and competitive ecosystem of digital marketing and SEO Experts on the Central Coast.

Your business need and SEO goal

The first conversation we will have is about you goals as a business and your current situation. I’ll ask to see you analytics and data relating to those goals and then start to determine how SEO can support your business need and hit your goals.

An SEO strategy tailored to your business

SEO is not a one size fits all solution. The SEO strategy depends on many things. Your business is unique when it comes to your website, your customers, your teams and your goals. You need to have a robust SEO strategy that has considered all aspects of your business goals to make sure you get the ROI on your investment. Many so-called SEO agencies will do the basics and implement a template-based approach to an SEO strategy which may get some results but this will only last until your competitors catch on to the same low-hanging fixes. 

Benefits of hiring a professional SEO expert

A professional SEO consultant can work closely with you and your team in sync with your business goals. SEO is now a dominant pillar, if not the most impactful and long-term digital marketing strategy. The SEO you hire should consider the following aspects.
  • Web Analytics & Reporting
  • Search competition auditing
  • Keyword research and niche market targeting
  • On-page technical SEO improvements. 
  • Conversion rate optimtations
  • Long term goals
  • Local SEO
  • International SEO
  • Search reputation management
  • Outreach and link building

SEO Central Coast FAQ’s

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is when you use keywords to optimise your web pages for search engines like Google. This process can help bring you more traffic, which in turn will lead to more customers and potential buyers.

What are high-performing keywords?

High-performing keywords are not the keywords that rank but the keywords that convert. It’s easy targeting a keyword that doesn’t have much search volume or competitive results. This page ranks for SEO Central Coast so definitely not as hard as ranking for SEO Australia! A dollar amount should be attached to each keyword to ensure you’re getting an ROI on your SEO investment.

How much does SEO cost?

My SEO packages start at 5k a month with a minimum 3-month engagement. Everything above this requires a custom quote. If you need content written I work with writers who have additional costs. My work is bespoke based on you, your website and the goals you want to achieve as a business. I’d don’t offer the usual cookie-cutter SEO templates that many SEO consultants use which limit the number of pages, keywords, backlinks etc. I focus on the most impactful activities that will get you a result. Quickly.

Do you guarantee a first-page rank?

It all depends on how competitive your keyword and industry is. For example, if you’d like to rank on Google for a keyword like ‘web design’ or ‘dog food for sale’. I could not guarantee you’d rank on page 1 or even page 10! I’d explain that you’re better off focusing on your niche market and finding some keywords you will rank for. So, Yes, I can guarantee you’ll rank on the first page for at least one search term on the Central Coast.