Introducing Squadspot, the best membership management & Scoring Software for Pistol Clubs

Pistol clubs are run by volunteers who often put in a considerable number of hours into admin, cleaning, maintenance and legislative reporting on behalf of their members.

Squadspot solves a problem for community pistol sporting clubs by removing the burden of applications, member management, member communication, payments and scoring.

This frees up time and removes stress for the pistol club.

Why am I doing this

Yes, I’m building yet another startup! This is a small passion project where I’ve picked a very niche market and problem to solve to see if I can make a difference. There is plenty of membership management software but they all cater to the masses but don’t do anything particularly well for a single type of club.

Focusing on such a niche problem gives me the opportunity to change the way pistol shooting club management works. I’ll focus on creating amazing software for a single-use case. If it works, I may be able to scale to other industries like clay target shooting, surf clubs, wine clubs, sports clubs, etc

I won’t rush into that until I’ve validated I can do it for pistol shooting in Australia.

What’s next for Squadspot Club Software

I’ll be working on bringing more pistol clubs on board as early adopters of the software. This means they’ll get all the features and upgraded development for free for a once-off yearly cost. If you want to read more about Squadspot and its pistol club features head over to the website.