About This Product Designer

A Product Designer IN Life

First and foremost, I’m a dad of two boys. They keep me well and truly busy as they are both under two so life at the moment pretty much revolves around them. When they get a little older, I’m looking forward to getting back into some of the things I did before our little family doubled. These hobbies included diving and travelling primarily. My wife and I lived in Singapore so both these activities were very accessible.

I have lived (and worked) in Copenhagen, Singapore, Los Angeles and, of course, Sydney. I now live 2 hours north of Sydney in a beachside town on the Central Coast.

I’m currently learning how to surf. It’s crazy that I don’t already do it, considering I grew up on the beach. I’m also re-learning guitar and piano which I played on and off over the years but hadn’t really kept up.

I like craft beer and the odd drop of wine.

A Product Designer IN Work

I’m a Full-stack Product Designer, UX Designer and Product Manager. I’ve worked with digital and software spaces for 15+ years. I solve meaningful problems for businesses and customers through full cycle product design and development. I have extensive experience working in Asia, Europe and the US for agencies, startups, enterprises and governments. This has given me a broad set of skills, particularly enhanced by the various teams I’ve worked with and had the opportunity to learn from.

My core skills and focus have always been human-centred product design and interaction. I am fascinated by the cognitive psychology aspects of decision-making and behaviour which surround every human experience and how this can be used to solve real-world problems.

I believe in collaborative, cross-functional, learning-centric ways of working which focus on outcomes over outputs, people over processes and problems over solutions.

My work involves discovery, problems identification and validation, ideation, customer research, testing assumptions, prioritising value, progressively learning, iterating quickly and continuously delivering value.