Startup strategy, product management and UX design

I help teams launch new products and services to the right people.

My focus is helping early stage startups discover their product market fit. I work closely with you to validate your idea making sure you minimise your spend and risk of building the wrong thing. You don’t want to build something no one will use or buy. I make sure this doesn’t happen.

Connect with me if you have an interesting idea you’d like to collaborate on.

Startup consulting

I’ve worked with over 50 startups to define and refine their offering. If you have an idea or are already launched I can help you take your startup to the next stage.

Startup design

Clarify what stage your startup is at and determine where you need to focus next. Designing the key components to focus your team on what will provide the most impact.

Startup growth marketing

You have the idea, the product, the team. Now you need more paying customers. Startup marketing will take a systematic approach to your growth strategy.

Product management

Discover customer problems, define your vision and build a roadmap delivering the maximum value. Then build, measure and learn using best practice product management.

UX Design

UX design is a market differentiator for your organisation. Consumers now expect flawless user experience when dealing with digital services. It can make or break your business.

Agile software development

Refocus your teams around a new mindset and processes that quickly validate your concepts and get them from idea to production in days, not months.

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